Political Issues That Matter

Elections and Politicians

  • Campaign Finance Reform
  • Political Employment and Congressional Pay
  • Overturning Citizens United
  • Ensuring fair elections by eliminating SuperPACs ability to fund candidates
  • Require truth in advertising in political ads

Civil Rights

  • Equal Pay for Equal Work – We are one class, one race, the human race
  • Ensure women’s right to choice and get government out of women’s health decisions.
  • Equal treatment no matter your station or genetic makeup
  • Implement severe penalties for hate crimes to ensure equal treatment of all citizens
  • Dismantle the police state and re-train officers to be community resources instead of community enforcers


  • Remove all references of religion from law as required by the Establishment Clause
  • Fund education from pre-K to college to ensure our children are being taught real history and real world issues
  • Remove religious influence from textbooks so that children can learn science and history without religious overtones

Social Issues

  • Secure Social Security and fully fund Medicare to ensure health and well being of senior citizens and disabled
  • Ensure universal healthcare for all citizens no matter their income level.
  • Eliminate profit in life-saving pharmaceuticals. No one should die because they are poor
  • Eliminate for-profit hospitals. Again no person should worry about going bankrupt for getting sick
  • Restructure the immigration system to allow more legal immigration while offering a legal path to citizenship for those already in the country
  • Dismantle for-profit prisons, commute non-violent drug offenses, and stop the cycle of creating more criminals by making drug addiction a crime

Business and Taxes

  • Restructure the tax code to close all loopholes, make the top 1% pay their fair share of taxes and implement severe penalties for anyone caught hiding money in other countries
  • If businesses want to leave the US market, they should be levied with severe penalties on any income from that business
  • No more capital gains, no more tax exemption for churches, no more corporate handouts
  • A living minimum wage that rises with inflation to ensure no person working full time will live in poverty
  • Ensure small-business success by offering temporary tax credits for the first five years to help the business grow




These are just a few of the political issues we face today. We need to fix our government and we need to unite to make sure that our voice is not forgotten.