Why Hillary Clinton Is Ready For The White House

February 11, 2016 Brian Germann - PolitiwhatBlog 0

I have found it difficult to write during this primary season simply based on the actions of her opponent and his supporters.  Bernie Sanders and his rabid supporters are attempting to paint  Hillary Clinton as some right wing nut job in the pockets of big business and Wall Street. They have seized upon donation records and the fact that Secretary Clinton has made a great deal of money with paid speeches to many big corporations. So I want to remind the American people of exactly who Hillary Clinton is. Let us remember who is running for President of the United States. It is a woman named Hillary, not her husband, not her big donors and definitely not Wall Street interests. So here is a little bit of history on exactly who Hillary Clinton is as well as a few of her accomplishments.

Bernie Sanders And The #FeelTheBern Problem

Bernie Sanders wants to be the next President of the United States. He has a few problems that he will never be able to get over. First, his anger and tone are great if you want to rile up the angry electorate. The problem with this tactic is two-fold. First, it forces people to pick sides. You are either an angry supporter of his hand-out ideology or you are a shill for Hillary Clinton, who has been fighting for the same ideas with a different way to accomplish the goals. I haven’t sat down to write recently because of the anger that ‘Feel The Bern’ supporters lob at anyone who doesn’t follow his angry rants and desires to have free stuff handed to them. Now I know you are sitting there saying that I am lying and Bernie doesn’t want free stuff, but let’s look at it logically. In every single stump speech, he screams that the rich are depriving us of our fair share of the pie. While I completely agree with that logic, I will sit back and say demands do not make policy a reality.

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Who Do You Think Won Tonight’s Democratic Debate?

Tonight was the last Democratic debate before the Iowa caucuses. Who do you think won tonight’s debate?

The Real Terror In America Is Theocracy and Fascism!

I have to just speak out on what is happening in America right now. We are seeing so much hate towards our own fellow man. Muslim-Americans are just as much American as I am or you are. They are not the problem, we are! We are doing this to our fellow Americans because a group of people want you to believe that Muslims caused ISIS. Sorry but that is not even close to being accurate. We caused ISIS to become a radical terror organization. Americans glorify exactly what they are doing to innocent humans. Look at the shows you watch, the stories you read, the politicians you listen to. The President did not make Muslims mad. These types of terrorists come from normal every day families just like Dylann Roof, Dear or James Holmes. Did we condemn Christians when these men killed innocent Americans? No, so why are we blaming a religion for their own extremists?

Ben Carson – A Better Screenwriter Than Politician

On April 5, 1968 a high school in Detroit was completely devastated. The day before, Martin Luther King was in Memphis, Tennessee to support local African-Americans who were striking against the sanitation department. King, staying at the Lorraine motel, was shot by James Earl Ray, a fugitive from the Missouri State Penitentiary. African-Americans across the country had just lost their leader. The man who fought so hard to give them the rights they deserved. African-American youth took this hard and that brings us to Detroit and to the students at Southwestern High. A young Ben Carson recounted a heroic act in which he protected his white classmates from a massive riot that broke out in response to King’s death. Ben Carson wants you to know that he stood against his fellow African-Americans who were rioting in the halls by huddling a group of white students in the Chemistry lab because he had a key to the room. Wow, what an amazing act of courage in a time of such remorse. Unfortunately for Carson, no one can recall this act of heroism except Mr. Carson. When confronted with the inability to find any corroborating evidence that this incident actually occurred, he took offense. Classmates at the time do not recall his version of that day. While they recall the riots, no one can verify his act of heroism. Sounds like Mr. Carson has a fibbing problem or a grandiose view of his life. A life in which he has many amazing acts that are unverifiable.

Benghazi – Shut It Down!

TreyOver the weekend, Benghazi committee leader Trey Gowdy said his investigation into Benghazi has always been above board and he has ensured that the committee’s work was not a targeted attack on the Presidential campaign of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. However, he has been leaking information to Politico since the inception of the committee. He claims that he has not leaked any information even though all evidence clearly shows he has made this a partisan witch hunt in hopes of derailing a Democratic President in 2016. Now new evidence released by Democrat Elijah Cummings and the Washington Post has not only shown that Chairman Gowdy released the name of a CIA agent that he claimed was classified. While claiming he was protecting this source, he redacted the name numerous times in the letter he posted on the committee website, yet did not redact the name in the Subject line of his “proof” of Clinton’s alleged misuse of classified data. The CIA confirmed that the information was not classified, even though Chairman Gowdy claims otherwise. So are we going to hold a special committee on Chairman Gowdy’s leaking of confidential classified CIA information or is that only an option against Hillary Clinton?