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Greedy Leaders

We have a problem in America. We have accepted the rules of the game without questioning why. We have church leaders who live in mega-mansions begging their parishioners to give the money for fancy cathedrals and homes that could give homeless people a place to sleep. They claim they are doing this for the people, yet the people are starving and struggling to care for their own families. Yet those same poor people keep giving their money to these greedy leaders.

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Superficial Beings

Many people seem to see others for their beauty and ignore those they find less attractive. It is a shame that there are people like that. Superficial beings. Looks last but a fleeting moment, intelligence and souls last a lifetime. When people begin to look beyond the mask, they will learn so much more in life. We have gotten to a point where our youth and young adults have been taught that looks matter and that only power is important. That has made our younger generations apathetic and defeated. They don’t vote because they expect the older adults to protect them. They are given an amazing opportunity to participate in the human experience. Yet they care more about finding that perfect mate that is already rich and will bring them out of poverty. They want the perfect life handed to them like the rich hand it to their children. So you have this system where the rich children are involved in politics and the poor children expect the rich ones to speak for them. That doesn’t mean all poor and middle class young adults stay silent. We have a good group of them but we should have an amazing group of them. We have to encourage them to vote. We have to help them understand how it all works. Until we do that, this cycle of superficiality will continue.

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Words Of Hope

Never sell yourself short. You can do anything you set your mind to. If you find yourself saying that you can’t do something because of who you are, then you need to ask yourself why. Why can’t I talk to that person? Why can’t I fix that? Why can’t I be treated the same as every other person.

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God And Secular Law

We the people are guaranteed liberty and justice for all. We are a nation of immigrants. With that fact, it is obvious that we would come from different cultures and backgrounds. One of those differences is our religious beliefs. Did you know that there are over 300 different religions in the United States? So why do we put one religious belief over another? Aren’t we suppose to respect the differences between our cultures? Aren’t we suppose to learn from those who are different from us? Terrorists have hijacked our religions and convinced the people that religion means to hate and murder. No one religion is innocent. They all try to force others to believe in their words. They stand on their pulpits and speak of fire and brimstone. They tell you that hate is the only way to bring people together. I reject that. No matter which version of God you believe in, no God has ever said everyone must be a clone of another. We have free will for a reason. Yet, we allow these religious leaders to tell us how to live, how to judge, and how to hate. At what point did we give up on thinking for ourselves? BTW, you can speak of God all you want. I don’t think anyone has a right to tell you what to believe. I also understand the power of belief. I believe that whatever guidance you get is your journey. I never said I don’t believe in religion. I just believe that a person’s personal beliefs should not influence secular law. When people worry about fire and brimstone because of other people’s actions, they have lost the meaning of the Bible. As long as you follow words of your faith privately, then you will be saved. Worrying about other people’s actions just make people hate each other more. We can live good lives while being different.

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If I Were To Run For Office – A Candid Campaign Speech

Hello, My name is Brian and I would like to be your next elected official. I have a dream for the people of this great land. I want a place where we can live together, working together even with those who are different than us. The only way we will achieve the riches of life is to embrace our differences and work together. The only way we can achieve this is to band together and use those differences in each and every one of us. By embracing those who are different, we can learn so much from their culture and better our world for generations to come. We can’t wait for someone to come and fix things or punish us. We have to realize that we are our own power. Instead of separating the people by different classes, we should work amongst each other to ensure those who are less fortunate are protected. We have to have a safety net for those who don’t have the fortunate luck of growing up in a wealthy family. We can’t have a few hundred people controlling the millions of others. We have to ensure that our laws protect all people no matter their differences. We can achieve this if we just level the playing field. You shouldn’t elect someone who has the top 1%’s interests in mind without having yours equally as important to them. We need our government to protect those that may fall under the safety net. We can end homelessness by budgeting our money wisely and not wastefully spending on pork or defense that just sit in warehouses rusting away. We need to reign in the spending by re-evaluating each of our cabinets. We shouldn’t be spending hundreds on hammers or toilets when we can be paying the same amount as the every day person. If that is happening, then we must eliminate contracts that allow that. Our government should be held to the same standards as the every day person. If you are rich and you want to spend thousands on a toilet, then please do.

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Ted Cruz And The Path To The White House – Birther Issues?

Junior Senator Ted Cruz formally announced his bid for the Presidency of The United States on March 23rd, 2015. (1) Senator Cruz has been hinting at a run for many months. Senator Cruz is well known for his attempts to undermine the United States of America since his first weeks in Congress. Many will recall his effort to shutdown the Federal Government by filibustering Congress over the Affordable Care Act, also termed Obamacare by the Republican caucus. (2) He spent twenty one hours on the Senate Floor reading Dr. Suess and doing everything in his power to defund the Affordable Care Act. His efforts were successful, in the fact that the Federal Government was forced to shut down all non-essential government jobs. The ensuing chaos would show the American people that they could not visit memorial sites, government owned lands such as Federal parks and lakes. It also caused some defense contractors to lose profits due to the inability to fulfill government contracts during the shut-down. The government shutdown lasted 16 days. It was the third-longest government shutdown in U.S. history, after the 18-day shutdown in 1978 and the 21-day 1995 shutdown which carried into 1996. The total estimated cost to the United States was estimated at $24 Billion.

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Two Lesbian Moms – Adult Child Claims Same Sex Parents Hurt Her

Heather Barwick grew up in a loving home. Her mother and father divorced when she was just three years old because her mother found someone she loved. That person happened to be another woman. Heather Barwick states that the woman treated her as if she were her own child. However, now that Mrs. Barwick has became an adult, she claims that her mother’s same sex relationship was harmful. She can’t give any specific reason for this other than the absence of a father. The father was a dead beat who chose not to be in her life, yet she blames the two people who raised her in a loving environment for her father’s actions. That clearly doesn’t mean her lesbian parents hurt her.

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Hanging From A Tree – Was it a lynching?

Otis Byrd was found hanging from a tree in Mississippi. The DOJ is investigating the death. Yet CNN says the evidence doesn’t support foul play.

While it has been widely reported that Mr. Byrd committed a robbery more than 30 years ago which resulted in the death of Lucille Trim. Mr. Byrd served 25 years for the death of Mrs. Trim. The local authorities have already told CNN that it appears to be suicide.

An Introduction To The Site

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