Sorry, Hillary Clinton Did Not Rig Primaries Against Bernie Sanders

Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders waves after speaking at a rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire where she received Sanders' endorsement. After months of bitter campaigning, Bernie Sanders on July 12 offered his long-awaited endorsement for Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, saying he would work hard to help his former rival win the White House. The joint appearance at a high school in Portsmouth, New Hampshire was the culmination of weeks of talks between the two campaigns aimed at unifying the party in preparation for taking on Republican Donald Trump in November. / AFP / Justin SAGLIO (Photo credit should read JUSTIN SAGLIO/AFP/Getty Images)

We have been hearing Bernie Sanders’ most vocal supporters accusing Hillary Clinton and the DNC of rigging the primaries against their candidate. The biggest problem with their argument is a lack of a smoking gun, like many Clinton conspiracies that fall apart under the microscope. Of course, if you are a #BernieOrBust supporter, you will likely ignore any evidence that does not meet your false narrative. Let me take a moment to break it down for you.




In July, WikiLeaks released what they would call damning evidence of the DNC’s coordination with Hillary Clinton. They want you to believe that there was a massive collusion that denied Bernie Sanders his rightful place as the Democratic nominee. While this sounds like a juicy story that should end Hillary’s campaign, it doesn’t hold water when you look into the actual “evidence.” His supporters keep throwing out the number 20,000, similar to the GOP’s attempt to throw out 33,000 when speaking about Clinton’s home server. I will not get into that because we already have the reports that show she did nothing illegal and no charges will ever come. This hasn’t stopped people like Susan Sarandon and Nina Turner running to every camera that will give them a chance. They keep saying the DNC leak shows that they were robbed. Have you read all 20,000 emails? Well the only “damning” evidence appears to be around 7 emails total. Does this prove a conspiracy against Bernie Sanders? How does less than 1% of the emails released show evidence of a widespread attempt to derail Sanders?




Of the 7 emails that show some type of anti-Bernie language, they fall apart under scrutiny. The most damning of the emails was a question about bringing up Bernie’s faith in the GOP dominated Evangelical state of West Virginia. While this email was in poor taste, it was one email from a staffer asking a question. The email shows that the question went nowhere and there is no evidence that anyone took the question seriously. Also, many of the emails were responses to language and accusations from the Sanders camp against the DNC. Bernie Sanders spent the primary calling the election rigged. He also made it a point to bash the DNC at many of his appearances. So does that mean the DNC is not allowed to discuss these issues? Does the DNC have a right to respond to his accusations or even to discuss the accusations? The emails in question were written in April and May of this year, well after it was clear that Bernie Sanders would not be able to catch up in delegates. Obviously his supporters were hoping this would be the smoking gun that put Sanders in the White House. Sorry but this is not going to be happening. Let’s look a little deeper at the facts! Numbers don’t lie!




Out of the 50 states that voted in the primary season, Hillary Clinton won 28 states, while Bernie Sanders won 22 states. Out of those results, we can break it down further by pointing out that Hillary Clinton’s biggest wins came in primary states, whereas Bernie Sanders won most of the caucus states. Hillary Clinton won 76% of primary states, while Sanders won 86% of caucus states. Now if we want to go down the path that the DNC rigged the system, it would be easier to rig a caucus, yet Bernie won 4 out of every 5 caucuses. Also, Hillary won both the Latino and African-American vote. Out of the 21 states that have an African-American population over 10%, Bernie won exactly 2 of them (9.5%). When you look at the Hispanic vote, there are 22 states that have a Hispanic population over 10%. Sanders was able to win half of those states. Now when you look at states that have a white population over 70%, Sanders won 16 of them. (70%)  When you take a complete look at all states, Sanders lost 90.5% of the African-American vote.




If the DNC and Hillary Clinton rigged the system, why did it only work for the Hispanic or African-American vote but not for the Caucasian vote? Does this mean that Caucasian Americans are less susceptible to the “rigging” of the system? Why did Bernie win the white vote but lose the rest? Hate to break it to you, but the primaries were not rigged, the evidence doesn’t back up the accusation. If you want to claim the primaries are rigged, you should be able to point to the specific actions that the DNC and Hillary Clinton took to rig the system. Otherwise, you are claiming it was rigged simply because that is what you choose to believe. Reality exists and there comes a point when rhetoric and bloviating fails! If you can not recognize the reality, then you have already lost your argument! Sanders ran a tough campaign but he lost fair and square. The time has come to unite around our nominee. If you are for Donald Trump, you are against Democratic principles. Bernie Sanders would never support Donald Trump and we need to focus on our citizens and what is best for our future. Don’t let division tear apart our party! If you are for Trump, you were never for Democratic values!