Donald Trump Releases RNC Speaker’s List – A Family Affair

By the looks of this speaker’s list, it appears Donald Trump needs to have every family member speaking individually.

Notably missing are the celebrities that he claimed to have lined up like daytime actor Antonio Sabato Jr. & Christian poster boy Tim Tebow or even Chachi himself, Scott Baio.
Missing are the Republican heavyweights Pappy Bush or any Bush for that matter. Also missing are the young heavyweights Marco Rubio and embattled NJ Gov Chris Christie, who was said to be furious after being looked over for the VP spot.

What we have is a conglomeration of some of the worst that the Republican Party has to offer. It is a sad day in America when you realize that a major party has completely collapsed to a few bigots who have hijacked what it meant to be conservative. I don’t hate conservatives. I do not hate anyone for that matter but I do truly despise that a party once praised for their conservative values can no longer govern without allowing hate to rule the party. We need opposing views to come to a common solution. We can no longer go to the table because a minority of the Republican Party has made it impossible to govern.



Trump Speaker”s List RNC Convention



The party has now introduced the most anti-woman, anti-LGBT, anti-immigration platform in the history of the Republican Party. For a party claiming to work for the people, it seems they only want to help some of the people. They have allowed religious leaders to push the party further back in history. This is not the 1950’s or the 1850’s but it will be if we allow the Republican Party to take over. The party wants to go back to a time that they don’t remember, a time that many never experienced. Yes the people want a new deal, but we want a new idea with that deal, not a recycled time that our great-grandparents and their ancestors experienced. We can have opposing ideas, but we must be able to work together. This party has decided that the only way is their way and we have hit the final wall. If we allow this circus to take over our country, we will no longer have a country. If we can not stand up for ourselves, then we have already admitted defeat. This is not about trying to take anyone’s rights away. It is not about favoring one class of people over the other. It is about making sure that everyone pays their fair share, that we have the privacy of being who we are without ridicule. Christians have every right to practice their religion just as Muslims have the same right. There are extremists in every religion. It doesn’t matter where they were born or where they live. Every country has extremists, yet the Republican Party refuses to acknowledge our own Christian extremists. They want to use phrases like “emotionally disturbed”, “mentally ill” and “loner” and immediately dismiss any connection to their religious beliefs, even when the views are publically known. Yet, they immediately condemn the whole Muslim faith for the actions of Muslim extremists. How can we let a party that is so willing to ban people, based on their faith, lead our country? They will tell you that they really only want to ban those Muslims from the country’s that support terror in the Middle East. Yet, recent history has shown the terrorists that we are seeing are citizens of both the United States and European countries. Do they assume we do not have the facts? Are we ready to elect a leader that praises horrendous dictators like Stalin, Hussein & North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un?




The United States is at the breaking point. We can either continue moving forward or we can start going backwards. The policies of the Republican Party are the same policies of decades past. They are policies that benefit the rich while claiming to cover the lower classes. The party refuses to end corporate tax loopholes that allowed income inequality to balloon out of control. While they support CEO’s like Discovery’s David Zaslav, who makes 1951 times more than his average worker, they ignore the poverty stricken families who need the real help. They go on the stump and claim that the policies are to trickle the wealth down. This Reaganomics policy never worked, yet they refuse to let it go. Until both parties start listening to the majority of Americans, we will go further back in history. Don’t let this circus take over your voice! We must unite behind the Democratic candidate if we want to continue seeing progress. The Democratic Party wants to ensure that the middle class is given the same opportunities as the top 1%. They want to lift all people out of poverty, no matter their race, faith or sexual orientation. The Democratic Party wants to ensure that the rich pay their fair share no matter who they are or where they try to hide their money. They want to get money out of politics. Our elections should not be a for-profit system. When you allow anonymous mega-million donations, you will always get some form of corruption. The people need a change and the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, has promised to introduce an amendment to reverse the horrible Citizens United decision, which turned our election process into a multi-billion dollar business. The Democratic Party wants to make sure every citizen has the same rights no matter who they were born as or what religion they have. We are supposed to be the United States of America. Are we ready to give up? Stand up, speak out. We are stronger when we are together. If you are not registered to vote, get out there and register. Google even has a special site to help you register to vote. You can do this from your couch.


On a final note, there are still some Sanders supporters out there who simply refuse to vote for either main party candidate. To those, you absolutely have that right and no one can make you vote one way or the other, but remember your protest vote doesn’t help the country. While I commend candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson for running third party, our current system just doesn’t benefit an independent. Do we need to go back to 2000 when Pat Buchanan became the hanging chad that gave us George W. Bush and a never ending war that has cost taxpayers trillions of dollars to date. If we want to protect the progress we have made, we must unite blue behind the one candidate that can prevent giving the nuclear codes to a misogynistic Islamophobe who would eagerly drop a nuke on innocent citizens while searching for terrorists. Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate in modern history. We can not deny her achievements. We can disagree but the facts are facts. You either choose to believe the facts or you believe the conspiracies. Just remember, those conspiracies gave us candidate Drumpf!