Two Options, Only One Choice

courtesy: eonline

Can’t wait to go out to Baton this weekend. Even if I am disappointed, I will finally see some real city folk for a change. This last month has been very relaxing and the country is nice but I miss the little things like the corner bakery or the quaint little bistro down the street. I also miss having grocery options. I love the country but dislike the lack of quality stores and actual normalcies of living in a metropolitan area. The struggles of the rural communities are just as prevalent as the struggles of many inner cities. The difference is the response from our elected leaders. I have witnessed the daily lives of many in Marshall, Missouri, a small rural community of about 13,000. They have the basic necessities like Wal-Mart for all of your shopping needs. Don’t worry about the quality because it is the only option you have. This poor community is struggling to get by. Based on the latest census, the town was nearly 80% white, but when you talk to the community, you get a sense that there is a much larger minority population. About 43% of the community consists of married couples. Nearly 22% of this community is living below the poverty line. With most employers paying hourly wages, the average hourly rate that this community makes is only $8.89. That is less than $1200 a month. No family can live on $1200 a month without some type of assistance. We need to get real here because these lives are in our hands right now. While the Democrats are pushing for redevelopment & revitalization for their inner & rural cities, the Republicans are blocking funds for all poor people who are struggling. They blame the Democrats for the troubles of a poor rural community but they are the ones who deny lifesaving benefits to the very people they claim to be protecting.

This election is simple. Do you want to continue the same Republican march towards regression that we have had for the last 8 years or do you want to take control of your future by choosing the leader who will ensure that we do not further regress to the 1950s, but will ensure that we progress beyond the point of no return. We are at a precipice. We have a choice to make. This choice not only affects us today but for generations to come. We must do something to ensure that all communities are given the opportunity to thrive without limitations. The Republican Party has left the realm of reality by adopting the teachings of religion as their law. This nation was built on a strict understanding that religion would not be part of our laws or rights. Our ancestors were given that promise but now the Republicans are all in on forcing the nation to live under one God of their choosing. They want to control women’s health rights, they want to deny equal rights to minorities. They want to punish an entire religious community for their perceived involvement in terrorism. They want to bomb other nations to show their power. They want to keep the poor communities poor so that their idea of “Trickle down” economics will continue to funnel money from the poor straight into the pockets of the rich. Did you know that Wal-Mart gets subsidies from the government? Nearly $9 billion a year is given to workers of Wal-Mart just to get by. Many of these workers are in those rural and inner city communities. Did I mention that the only shopping option in Marshall is Wal-Mart? Yes, the same company that is paying it’s workers low wages is also getting those wages right back into the pockets of the Walton family and their millionaire investors. Each time that worker cashes their check, they buy groceries and household supplies from their own employer. This is not how you fix a broken community. The small businesses struggle because of large corporations who leech off of their communities. Instead of trickling down, it is in an infinite loop.

The Democratic Party has always been fighting for the poor and middle class. No matter which version of history you choose to believe in, the facts are the facts. Over the last 7 years, we have ensured that every American has the opportunity to get affordable health care no matter if they have a pre-existing condition. The Affordable Care Act has allowed nearly 20 million people to get cost-saving medical insurance. Nearly 90% of all Americans now have health insurance, making this a record high. We have ensured that our LGBT community has a right to get married in every state, even through non-stop Republican obstruction. Our current Democratic administration has added nearly 14 million new jobs with a 69-month streak of job growth. The unemployment rate is below 5%, the lowest it has been since the 1960s. Through compromise, we were able to reduce our federal deficit by nearly $1 trillion dollars. We signed a historic nuclear non-proliferation agreement with Iran ensuring that the country would not be able to obtain a nuclear bomb. Our President captured and killed the number one terrorist in the world, Osama bin Laden. These are just a few of the facts of your current Democratic Party.

We need to focus on what leadership is about. No, we will never get everything we want, that is just reality. No, we will never be happy all the time, that’s just not natural. But we must be smart about our choices and we must be honest with ourselves instead of ignoring the facts. You have a choice between regression and progression. We have spent the last seven years clawing our way forward while the Republican Party and their Godly hands have been pulling us towards the past. No matter what you are thinking, we have our two candidates for the next Presidency. You have a Democratic nominee that has been vetted and withstood years of false attacks and character assassinations, yet still considered the most admired woman in the world for the last twenty years running and then you have the opposite in the Republican nominee. Donald Trump is an arrogant blowhard who has little sympathy for anyone who is not named Donald Trump. He has a long history of misogyny. He has referred to women as pigs, dogs, slobs, bimbo. The list goes on and on. He wants to ban an entire religion from entering our country. He wants to reverse ground-breaking Supreme Court rulings because of one religion’s idea of morals. He wants to bomb other nations without impunity and has said he would have no problem using nuclear warfare. He wants to bring back torture because he thinks it is acceptable. He wants to claim he will create jobs, but he fires people regularly and has had four bankruptcies for failed businesses. He wants to return to the same policies that put us in the greatest recession in the first place.

We must stop bickering over the little things and unite behind the only candidate that will ensure we continue the progress we have fought so greatly for. We must unite behind Hillary Clinton. Is she perfect? No! But we can not sit here and claim she is unqualified. We must look at her full record. No other woman in history has been a First Lady, a sitting Senator and a Secretary of State. No other woman has been named the most admired woman in the world for a record twenty years. We have never had a more qualified candidate as our nominee. When you cut through the propaganda and distortions that have been well crafted over the last thirty years by a Republican Party that has been scared of a woman simply because of her conviction and her ability to get things done, you realize that this is the best choice for America. It takes a strong human to withstand non-stop insults, character attacks, sexism and lies to still be standing and getting the support of her fellow citizens. She has received the most votes of any candidate on either side. Don’t let your ego hurt the rest of America. If you are a man, don’t think having a woman in power is demeaning because the truth is, they are the majority and we must accept it. Don’t let your religion cloud your decisions. Don’t let others scare you into believing that it will only get worse if you let the Democrats run things. We have done a pretty decent job for the last seven years. We need to continue on the same path.