Politiwhat – Taking Apart Political Speak

Politiwhat? Taking Apart Political Speak

Donations Or Fraud And Deception

We have had quite a few businesses that have claimed religious freedom for denying wedding-related services to same-sex couples. Their argument is that their religious beliefs forbid them from providing services to same-sex couples because the Bible doesn’t recognize same-sex relationships. They continuously refer to...

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Bruce Jenner And The Journey Of His Life

Bruce Jenner did an interview on ABC with Diane Sawyer last night. He explained his life, his choice, and his future in an amazingly brave way. I grew up with Bruce Jenner on television. I remember Montreal because my mother loved Bruce Jenner. I remember...

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Lives Always Matter – Part 1 Of A Series

We have been bombarded by stories of racial injustice at the hands of police officers across the nation. I wanted to touch on the lives that we have lost and show people just how horrible this situation has become. As there are so many amazing...

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Want A Special Badge? Have Money!

We already have enough issues with our police forces. We shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not the officer showing up at a scene has been given the proper training or has the proper credentials. We have seen an influx of “reserve deputies” that...

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The Conservative Attempt To Derail Clinton

Hillary Clinton has only been on the campaign trail for a week, and the right has gone Clinton crazy. First, you have each candidate coming up with their best Hillary failure story. You have Rand Paul asking his own supporters to dig up dirt on...

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North Korea’s Child Dictator

Prior to 1945, Korea remained under Japanese rule. However when Japan surrendered at the end of World War II, Korea was contested. In 1948, Korea was split along the 38th parallel and two states were created. The Republic of Korea, or as we know it,...

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Gerrymandering Their Way To Power

The United States has a major problem and it has to do with race. No, we are not talking about the blatant racism that we see every day on the streets, on TV, in the news. I am talking about the Republican party’s dirty little...

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The Defense Of Biblical Marriage

Prior to the first millennium A.D., marriage was used as a way to protect your family. Families would marry their daughter off to a man in another nearby tribe. This would expand their circle of family to help in times of violence and famine. Remember...

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