Donald Trump – Road To The White House

September 17, 2016 Brian Germann - PolitiwhatBlog 0

Donald J. Trump was born in 1946 to New York real estate developer Frederick Trump and Scottish born Mary Ann MacLeod. While his opponent was going to Wellesley, Donald went to the Wharton School, which was a private business school. He graduated in 1968 with a degree in economics. During his college years, he also worked for his father’s real estate and construction firm. In 1971 at the age of 25, his father gave him the business which was later renamed “The Trump Organization”. Mr. Trump has said that he worked from the bottom up but the truth is in 1978, Fred Trump gave him a $1 million loan which he used for his first big Manhattan project, a hotel that would replace the aging Commodore property, which also gave him an option on old Penn Central railroad properties. This was Donald’s first big accomplishment, and it helped put Donald Trump on the map nearly ten years after Clinton had already accomplished her first major achievement. 2 years prior to this deal, Donald Trump claimed to be worth $200 million, although he was only 30. What he doesn’t explain is if he was worth $200 million, why did he need a $1 million loan from good old dad? It wasn’t until 1981 that we would find out exactly how much Mr. Trump truly was worth when he applied for his first casino license. His tax returns at the time indicated that his salary was less than $100,000 a year, which he received as an officer of his father’s company. Although his father had gave him the company, Fred still maintained the CEO position in the company. Between 1975 and 1977, his total combined income was only $219,000. We also know that he paid no income taxes in the only two available tax returns in 1978 and 1979. Another lucrative deal was the fact that Fred Trump opened eight separate trusts for his children valued at $1 million each. Donald Trump would go on to collect another $440,000 from this trust as well as another $2,000 a year from an older trust set up in 1949. Let’s not forget the annual Christmas money of $6,000. Donald Trump claims that he built his empire from nothing but between 1971 and 1981, he received nearly $2.25 million from good old dad. This does not include the many loans that his father continued to give him, including a $7.5 million loan.

The Media Has Done A Disservice to America!

It is time we get serious here. Over the last year, we have seen a man rise from reality star to inches from the White House door. During this time, we have seen some of the worst journalism in the history of this great country. Day after day, every news network has been fawning over Donald Trump. Why has this happened? Well let’s be honest, its all about the Benjamins! Journalists have given up on reporting the news and moved on to hyping the crazy that is the GOP nominee. I started writing because I had respect for those political journalists and commentators in the media that could explain an issue and give us the real information without hoping to get a great rating. This is about our country and not the profits of your investors and we must begin to take responsibility for the monster that we have all created.

Sorry, Hillary Clinton Did Not Rig Primaries Against Bernie Sanders

We have been hearing Bernie Sanders’ most vocal supporters accusing Hillary Clinton and the DNC of rigging the primaries against their candidate. The biggest problem with their argument is a lack of a smoking gun, like many Clinton conspiracies that fall apart under the microscope. Of course, if you are a #BernieOrBust supporter, you will likely ignore any evidence that does not meet your false narrative. Let me take a moment to break it down for you.

Donald Trump Releases RNC Speaker’s List – A Family Affair

By the looks of this speaker’s list, it appears Donald Trump needs to have every family member speaking individually.

Notably missing are the celebrities that he claimed to have lined up like daytime actor Antonio Sabato Jr. & Christian poster boy Tim Tebow or even Chachi himself, Scott Baio.
Missing are the Republican heavyweights Pappy Bush or any Bush for that matter. Also missing are the young heavyweights Marco Rubio and embattled NJ Gov Chris Christie, who was said to be furious after being looked over for the VP spot.

Two Options, Only One Choice

Can’t wait to go out to Baton this weekend. Even if I am disappointed, I will finally see some real city folk for a change. This last month has been very relaxing and the country is nice but I miss the little things like the corner bakery or the quaint little bistro down the street. I also miss having grocery options. I love the country but dislike the lack of quality stores and actual normalcies of living in a metropolitan area. The struggles of the rural communities are just as prevalent as the struggles of many inner cities. The difference is the response from our elected leaders. I have witnessed the daily lives of many in Marshall, Missouri, a small rural community of about 13,000. They have the basic necessities like Wal-Mart for all of your shopping needs. Don’t worry about the quality because it is the only option you have. This poor community is struggling to get by. Based on the latest census, the town was nearly 80% white, but when you talk to the community, you get a sense that there is a much larger minority population. About 43% of the community consists of married couples. Nearly 22% of this community is living below the poverty line. With most employers paying hourly wages, the average hourly rate that this community makes is only $8.89. That is less than $1200 a month. No family can live on $1200 a month without some type of assistance. We need to get real here because these lives are in our hands right now. While the Democrats are pushing for redevelopment & revitalization for their inner & rural cities, the Republicans are blocking funds for all poor people who are struggling. They blame the Democrats for the troubles of a poor rural community but they are the ones who deny lifesaving benefits to the very people they claim to be protecting.

Bernie Sanders Needs You!

This election season started off with a promise to stay above the dirty politics of the Republican Party. The Democratic field had promise. You had many options to choose from but it came down to Secretary Hillary Clinton or Senator Bernie Sanders. On one side you have a life-long Democrat who has been in the public eye since graduating from Wellesley College. On the other side, you had a self-described Democratic Socialist who has been an Independent for his entire political career. Now we are reaching the finale of this primary season and Bernie Sanders needs your help more than ever. Do you know of his record? Do you know what he wants from you? Well let me give you a little information on the man who wants a revolution to achieve a utopian world that he has been fighting for since his days in college.

Bernie Sanders And The Math Problem

Here are some interesting numbers to think about when talking about the Democratic race for the Presidency. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders​ has won the last seven primaries or caucuses. That’s an undisputed fact, but we need to look deeper when talking about those wins. Let me give you the numbers.

The Most Consequential Presidential Election Of Our Time

February 29, 2016 Brian Germann - PolitiwhatBlog 0

I admit it, I am an emotional person. I have always felt moments of extreme sadness to extreme happiness. I think we all have to embrace our emotions if we want to stay sane. It shouldn’t matter if we are a man or a woman, we must let ourselves cry over the memories. Why am I telling you this? Well, I was watching a music competition show that opened their latest episode with a remembrance of the last 15 years in our lives. It mixed show memories with real events that happened in the United States over the last fifteen years. I wanted to give you some memories of events that have happened to us and why this is the most consequential Presidential election of our lifetime.

Bernie Sanders Hates The Establishment!

February 28, 2016 Brian Germann - PolitiwhatBlog 0

Lately, we have heard many Bernie supporters claim we need a revolution to save us from the corrupt Democratic establishment. Instead of speaking on the qualifications of their candidate, Bernie Sanders, they immediately label the establishment as bad and against the people. Well let’s talk about that Democratic establishment that Bernie so desperately has tried to paint as horrible. Let me remind you of just what the establishment has accomplishmed over the last seven years. Now, you can choose to believe this or you can immediately go back to defending Bernie as the anti-establishment candidate that we need.